Housekeeping Services Frequently Asked Questions

Greetings from our FAQ section! In this section, we answer frequently asked concerns concerning our extensive home maintenance services, including pest control, electrical, plumbing, and AC coil cleaning, air conditioning duct and repair, AC deep cleaning, installation, and water tank cleaning.

General Questions

1. What Services Does Your Organization Provide for Home Maintenance?
2. How Do I Schedule a Service Appointment?
3. Do Your Technicians Possess Experience and Certification?
4. Is Your Business Insured and Licensed?

Services For HVAC Systems

1. What Is Involved in AC Maintenance?
2. How Often Should I Get the Ductwork in My AC Cleaned?
3. Are You Able to Install AC Units?

Cleaning Of Water Tanks

1. Why Is the Cleaning of Water Tanks Important?
2. How Often Should I Schedule Water Tank Cleaning?

Pest Control

1. Which Kinds of Pests Do You Deal With?
2. Are Kids and Dogs Safe from The Pest Control Treatment You Use?

Electrical And Plumbing Services

1. Which Electrical Services Are Provided by You?
2. Which Plumbing Services Are Provided by You?
3. Do You Provide Services in An Emergency?

Contact us if you have any more inquiries or would like to arrange a service appointment. We have a welcoming staff available to help you with house maintenance!