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Home Maintenance Company - Our Principles

Our team at AwalExperts was founded on the principles of producing high-quality work without difficulty and solving issues as they emerged. We take pride in offering our clients the best maintenance services in Dubai at competitive prices. Apart from this, we provide a comprehensive range of home maintenance services, including skilled personnel to address any plumbing or electrical problems. As a customer-centric home maintenance company in Dubai, our three defining objectives attributes are Trust, Quality, and Fair Price.


Trusted Home Maintenance Services Dubai

Awal Experts is a reputable home maintenance company in Dubai, offering expert solutions to a large clientele. Backed by years of experience, we are dedicated to delivering the most affordable home maintenance services including AC maintenance and installation, electrical services, and plumbing services. Our hygiene solutions also include high-grade pest control services and water tank cleaning in Dubai. Additionally, we take care of your renovation needs with our carpentry and painting services, as we provide expert painters for offices, villas, and apartments. All our house maintenance services are easily available for booking, you can contact us by email or phone.

House Maintenances Services We Offer

Our team at AwalExperts offers residential and commercial clients a comprehensive selection of air conditioning, home maintenance, and breakdown services. We blend cutting-edge methods with some good old-fashioned labor to produce the best results every time. Below are the services we offer.

AC Duct Cleaning

Our area of expertise is the cleaning and maintaining AC ducts. To ensure that your room is free of disease-transmitting parasites and unpleasant odors, we clear the mold and mildew using cutting-edge AC duct cleaning technologies and procedures.

Air Conditioner Repair

Awal Experts' home maintenance services and AC repairs reduce downtime and expensive repairs. We handle everything, including filters, condensate drains, zoning, electrical, and duct refrigeration systems.

AC Deep Clean

Deep cleaning of an air conditioner includes washing the coil with chemicals, pressure washing the air tubes, and all other indoor and outdoor unit components. Remove debris, germs, mold, etc.

AC Installation

Our home maintenance company is regarded as the most reliable AC service company, and we provide five years of warranty on all our installations. We offer AC installation services in houses, offices, industries, factories, and other places.

Water Tank Cleaning

The UAE regulatory bodies, AwalExperts home maintenance firm, have accredited us. We provide water tank cleaning services for tanks of all sizes and forms. We examine the acidity qualities of water and sanitize and disinfect water containers using efficient chemicals and techniques.


Due to their skill, creativity, and knowledge of painting, our team of painters has a wealth of expertise in interior and exterior painting. We provide the most affordable rates for superior commercial and residential painting services in Dubai.

Pest Control

At Awal Experts, we hold DM authorization and licensing for our house maintenance services. Our pest control service guarantees result with solutions that can assist in safely getting rid of pests at a fair price.


In Dubai, we provide electricians to provide electrical services for residential and business settings. Everything from light fixtures to shoddy electrical work to short circuits and hot cables can be fixed with our help.


In case of an emergency requiring rapid plumbing assistance, such as fixing water pumps, unclogging drains, or repairing water pipes, our plumbing serviceoffers skilled plumbers available on call at any location in Dubai. Additionally, you can book plumbers at a time that is convenient for you.

Why Choose AwalExperts?

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Our area of expertise is the cleaning and maintaining AC ducts. To ensure that your room is free of disease-transmitting parasites and unpleasant odors, we clear the mold and mildew using cutting-edge AC duct cleaning technologies and procedures.

groups Experts

Our team of experts at AwalExperts ensures that every task is carried out efficiently and successfully when providing home and business maintenance services. Our clients' demands are met, and we go above and beyond to ensure they are satisfied.

event_available Simple Booking Procedure

Get bookings that are straightforward, quick, and stress-free. Our customer support agents welcome any of your inquiries. Contact us by phone at the following numbers or send a WhatsApp message for a price quote on any home maintenance services.

verified Punctuality

The first step towards success is to be on time. Quality and your time are equally important to us at AwalExperts. Once you and our customer service representative have agreed on the time, our staff will come to your house.

diamond Prospects Of Success

AwalExperts has provided exceptional AC maintenance, repair, installation, deep cleaning, and other commercial and residential maintenance services in Dubai for over 20 years. Results from our team of skilled professionals are certain and long-lasting.

remove_circle_outline No Extra Charges

With no added fees, we provide the most reasonable prices. We assess your requirements and give an expenditure free of any additional costs.

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