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Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance

Most people only maintain their air conditioner when facing a serious issue. Air conditioners are susceptible to maintenance issues like any other machinery. These necessitate expert knowledge. Your AC unit will have to work harder if there is an accumulation of extra dust, filth, and mold due to a lack of maintenance. The components are stressed, which could lead to their failure, increase your electricity bill, and harm your health. This necessitates examining each of its components by experts, including the supply lines, the main unit, and the drain pipes, to ensure their cleanliness. AwalExperts’ AC repair Dubai professionals along with other evaluations, checks proper operation of the compressor, observe the condition of the filters, and the coils and heat exchangers are tested for accuracy.

Benefits Of Yearly AC Maintenance In Dubai

It’s crucial to keep your air conditioner operating effectively and efficiently. AwalExperts is a leading AC maintenance company in Dubai and across UAE. We offer wide range of services that will help keeps your home comfortable, increases the lifespan of your air conditioner, and lowers your energy expenses. A few benefits of yearly maintenance include the following:

workspace_premium Better Air Quality

If the system is kept up, it will run more quietly and effectively, exerting less stress on the compressor and requiring fewer future repairs. Debris entering the system can clog and harm the equipment, but a clean filter stops this from happening.

bolt Outstanding Energy Efficiency

When you need it most, an air conditioner's components work together to keep your home cool. When air filters are changed for more efficient ones as required, the other parts of the AC system aren't put under as much strain.

monetization_on Save Money On Repairs

Avoiding future expensive repairs is one of the key justifications for getting yearly AC maintenance in Dubai. Regular inspections by a qualified expert can allow you to identify any issues before they become serious or expensive.

Inclusions In Annual AC Maintenance

The skilled and certified professionals at AwalExperts perform routine maintenance to keep your air conditioner running safely and effectively. As part of our regular maintenance and AC servicing, we provide complete inspection and repair of the following features:

AC Filters

If necessary, air filters can be cleaned or changed. A clogged filter will limit airflow through the device and lead to overheating. Depending on how frequently you use your system, we will clean or change your filter regularly every two months or so.

Ac Coils

Aluminum fins that serve as air conditioners coils transmit heat from the refrigerant to the indoor environment. These fins may accumulate dust, mold, and other contaminants over time, reducing their efficiency and raising energy costs.

Coil Fins

The evaporator coil's fins are in charge of evenly distributing cool air around your home. When these fins are damaged, the system's airflow may cease, or the cold air is dispersed unevenly.

Condensate Drains

If your condensate drain isn't working properly, you may notice water pooling around your outside unit or at its base. When this happens, the evaporator coil may become clogged by mineral buildup from the water drained from your property. We'll ensure that nothing prevents your drain line from draining properly by checking for obstructions.


Your AC unit may leak if there is a problem with the refrigerant components. Our team will check and fix all the damaged parts. If you don't replace it immediately, your device can be damaged. You may avoid all these problems and guarantee the efficient operation of your air conditioner by performing annual AC maintenance with AwalExperts' maintenance and AC repair Dubai.